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The Advanced Study Meeting has been successfully held.

The 64th International Student Conference Advanced Study Meeting was held this past weekend on 5/26-27 at the National Olympic Center for Youth.

Although the participants started off the conference with with nervous expressions, all of the participants were able to open up to each other at the end.

The first day of the conference was held at @uniest share house, and was a workshop day. The day was pcked with activities including gesture and word games, speaking, discussions, and debates. After the work shop activities, the prticipants split into groups based on their table topics to begin their research. Afterwards, recreations were held at Toyo University, in which participants enjoyed playing quiz games and other activities.

The second day of the advanced meeting was mainly used for table topic research and discussions. All of the tables had different plans; some tables had debates, while others skyped their foreign table chiefs and other foreign participants. The day ended with a short presentation session about the direction and plans of each table.

This meeting marked the beginning of the preparations towards the main conference. 🔥

Thank you Hakusan House - Uninest Student Residences Tokyo for hosting us during the 1st day of the conference! Uniest is a new company that offers cheap housing to international students residing in Japan! They are also admitting Japanese students into the residence. Please click the following link if you are interested in finding more details: (

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