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​General Information about ISC

Do international participants have to pay the tickets to Japan by ourselves?

Yes. You need to pay both the participant fee and the tickets to Japan. In addition, please send ISC69 the receipt for the flight tickets to Japan. We will set a deadline shortly and notify you at a later date.

Is the fee for participating in the Advanced ST included in the fee for ISC?

For international resident participants, the participation fee for the Advanced ST is included, and participation is required. 

​For Japanese resident participants, the participation fee for the Advanced ST is not included. If Japanese resident participants wish to join the Advanced ST, you will need to pay the additional cost. 

I'm not confident about my English. Am I still eligible? 

​It will be necessary to have a certain proficiency level of English, but participating in this conference is a good way to improve your English skills and boost your confidence!

I am no longer a student. Am I still eligible?

To be eligible as a participant, you must be an undergraduate or graduate student as of June 1st, 2023.
If you are unable to meet this requirement, unfortunately, you are not eligible.

I did not attend the briefing session, but can I apply?

Yes. If you would like more information before you apply, ISC69 can offer you the pamphlet of ISC for more information.

​​I have specially dietary requirements. Can ISC accommodate to my dietary needs? 

Yes. We will accommodate the best we can with all dietary needs. 

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