Landmarks in ISC's History 

This organization called ISC is the oldest international exchange program in Japan, which was established in 1934.


A small group of Japanese university students who were concerned about the deteriorating relations between the United States initiated the first JASC (Japan America Student Conference) in Tokyo. The following year, American students reciprocated by hosting the second JASC. This began the tradition of alternating host countries and holding JASC annually.Although World War II forced the suspension of JASC, it was revived in 1947 by Japanese and American students living in Japan. 


After the war, in view of the globalizing world,  International Student Conference (ISC) diverged from JASC in order to gain more diversity by accepting students from multiple countries, not only from US and Japan.. Moreover, International Student Association (I.S.A.) was established in order to run ISC more smoothly.  The first conference was held in 1954, and ISC have been inherited until today.


On August in 2016, it was the 62nd anniversary of ISC.

And in 2017, we will step forward.