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ISC, established in 1934, is the oldest international student exchange program in Japan.


A small group of Japanese university students who were concerned about the deteriorating relations between the United States and Japan initiated the first JASC (Japan America Student Conference) in Tokyo. The following year, American students reciprocated by hosting the second JASC. This began the tradition of alternating host countries and holding JASC annually. Although World War II forced the suspension of JASC, it was revived in 1947 by Japanese and American students living in Japan. 


After the war, in view of the globalizing world, International Student Conference (ISC) diverged from JASC in order to gain more diversity by accepting students from multiple countries, not only from US and Japan. Moreover, International Student Association (I.S.A.) was established as the sponsor organization. The first conference was held in 1954 and has continued until today.

1st Japan-America Student Conference(The root organization of ISC) “World peace means peace of the Pacific. Peace in the Pacific is equal to the peace between Japan and the United States. This can only be achieved through dialogue and deep understanding between the 2 nations in order to develop a trusting relationship” (held at Aoyama Gakuin University) 


Complete stop of all JASC activities with the emergence of World War II.


8th Japan-America Student Conference

(Held in Japan, with reflection after WW2. The main topic was "Mutual understandings that the path toward peace can only be achieved through goodwill and respect").


15th Japan-America Student Conference (Last Japan-America student conference took place in the United States).


1st International Student Conference 

(84 participants from 12 different countries. The conference was held in Tokyo, Kansai, and Hokkaido over a period of 28 days.)


9th International Student Conference 

Establishment of the organization representatives conference.



Student Activist movements cause a split in the ISC committee board.



16th International Student Conference (Revival of ISC).


32nd International Student Conference (Abolished the Japanese-delegation selection process and widened the opportunities for international exchange)


37th International Student Conference (International exchange program with the support from Obihiro-shi in Hokkaido)


45th International Student Conference (Invited professionals from numerous fields in order to deepen understanding and research)


International Student Conference was canceled (The worldwide pandemic of SARS)


60th International Student Conference (60th year anniversary)


The 65th International Student Conference was held successfully from August 26th to September 2nd, 2019 in Tokyo. 


66th International Student Conference. Conference events were shifted to a hyrbid setup due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Six online events were held from May to August.


67th International Student Conference. (It was held entire online from May to August.)

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2022 marked the 68th year of the conference with events and activities fully online.

In 2023, a full face-to-face setup will again reopen for the 69th year of ISC.

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