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[Humans of ISC67] Participant Edition: Kazumi Eguchi

#1 Please introduce yourself!

I’m Kazumi Eguchi. I’m from Japan, and I live in Tokyo. I’m a sophomore at Soka University and in the Faculty of International Liberal Arts. I’m interested in sociology and international relations among the studies in my faculty. Also, I am particularly interested in researching the refugee issue and doing volunteer work in Japan. These days, I’m really into watching movies on Netflix.

#2 What is your favorite thing about your country/city? Why?

My favorite thing in my country is hot springs. In Japan, there are a lot of cities which are famous for hot springs and attract many visitors. I often travel to those places with my family during vacations. The reason why I like it is that hot springs baths have healing power and make me recover from fatigue. In addition to this, there are places called “Hot spring towns' ' where various kinds of food and souvenirs are sold. Particularly, Onsen-manju, which is a bean-paste bun, is delicious. It is really fun to walk and eat there with my family or friends.

#3 What made you want to join ISC67 and your table? What would you like to achieve through the conference?

There are mainly two reasons why I decided to participate in this conference. First is that I wanted to contribute to solving social problems by coming up with feasible ideas. Second is that I wanted to interact with international students from all over the world by exchanging cultures and discussing particular topics. Before attending this conference, I had watched a TV program which was featuring foreign laborers who face difficulties in their workplace because of the language barrier. Thus, I decided to join table 4, which reconsiders the situation of migrant laborers. Through this conference, I would like to acquire the skill of collaborating with students from different backgrounds and I would like to make a proposal paper which contains unique ideas and which can have a positive impact on society.

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