​What is ISC?

International Student Conference (ISC) is an organization established in 1954, where international exchanges and discussions take place. Students from around the world are invited to Japan each year for two weeks, where they discuss solutions to world issues. On the last day, participants will discuss their final solutions during the Final Forum.

1. All conducted by students

To participate in ISC, participants must be a student: undergraduate, graduate, or PhD candidate. As the future global leaders, we aim for participants to deepen their understanding of global society by discussing issues with one another and broadening their knowledge through research and interacting with students with different backgrounds. 

​2.Participants from all around the world

ISC places its importance with diversity. Every year, ISC receives applications from students with a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. With such a diverse group of participants, participants can learn from each other by directly exchanging various opinions and perspectives. 

​3.Spending the whole week together

During the program, all participants spend the time together in the same facilities. Through experiencing communal living and other activities such as sightseeing and cultural exchanges, participants can have deep interactions with each other. By the end of the program, all students can create strong bonds with each other, which can last a lifetime. 

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