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Application Guidelines

The 69th International Student Conference International Resident Participants (IRP)

ISC69 will be offering a scholarship program!

  • We will be giving a partial refund to the best performing 1-2 participants at the end of the conference

  • For further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

​1. Table Topics at ISC69

Overall Theme: “Be a Pioneer of the Next Generation: Action Towards Diversity, Sustainability, and Respect." 


Table 1- Digital Nationalism | Decentralization of the Internet: Formation of the National Ecosystems and Cybersecurity in China

Table 2 - Gender and Inclusivity | Combat Gender and Sexuality-based Discrimination

Table 3 - Mental Health Impact During Public Emergencies | Addressing Mental Health Impact of World Health Emergencies

Table 4 -  Transition Towards Green Economy | Building Ressiliency Through Digital Innovations

Table 5 - COVID-19 and Income Equality

2. Eligibility

  • You must be dedicated to this conference, motivated, and responsible during all activities.

  • You must be enrolled in a college, university or graduate school overseas, and be above 18 years old as of June 1st, 2023. 

  • You must be able to come to Japan and participate in the entire program.

  • You must have a proficient level of English to be able to join academic discussions during the conference.

  • Applicant should be available during the period within which conference will be held (mid to late August)

  • Applicant should have the financial means to travel to and from Japan during the conference

3. Application Period

The application period has been extended!

The new deadline is the 23rd of March at 23:59 JST!

4. Application Procedures 

Please read the application requirements carefully and fill in the required Google Form. Submit it along with a digital copy of your student ID. You can access the application form here.

5.Selection Process

  • First Screening: Review of Written Applications

  • Second Screening: Interview Phase

**Applicants who pass the First Screening will have to undergo an Interview via Video Conferencing with the respective Table heads of their most preferred Table Topic.

6. Participation Fee

450​ USD

7. Schedule

  • March 20th: Result announcement on the 1st Screening will be sent via email

  • March 31st: Result announcement on the 2nd Screening will be sent via email

  • May 27th & 28th: Advanced Conference (hybrid)

  • May -August: Study & Cultural Exchange Sessions (online) 

  • August 17th - 19th: Study Tour (tentative; offline) 

  • August 19th - 28th: Main Conference (offline) 

  • August 27th - Final Forum (offline)

8. After acceptance in ISC69 participation

  • For those residing outside of Japan, you will be asked to purchase your flight tickets. The details will be announced later by email.

  • Depending on your nationality, you may need to apply for a VISA in order to come to Japan. More details will be announced later via email from representatives of General Affairs, a subgroup of our team.

  • The Advanced Conference ***(May 27th & 28th) will be held online for those residing outside of Japan. It is mandatory to join the two sessions, even though you will be joining online. In addition, if you happen to be in Japan during this time, we would love to have you at the Advanced Conference in person. Details will be announced later by your table chief. 

  • The Study Tour will be held from ***August 17th to 19th. A survey will be distributed later to ask for your preferred Study Tour destination. 

  • After the Study Tour, the Main Conference will take place from ***August 19th to 28th.  All participants will gather and engage in discussions throughout the conference.

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