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Dear Corporations​

​We are currently looking for corporations and organizations to help fund our program. Please contact us at any time if you are interested.

​Why we need funding

Our student organization has participants not only from Japan but also from around the globe. During this nine day conference, students from various backgrounds were able to engage in deep discussions about current global issues. 

Learning from last year's achievements, we are currently working to further improve the quality and standards of the International Student Conference.  However, a tremendous amount of money is necessary in order to make these goals a reality. Since our organization is completely student-run, funding is one of our biggest challenges. Any kind of help, through funding or donations, are greatly appreciated.

Use of funding

All money that is donated will be used towards running the conference. These include purchases of all materials needed to operate the organization, including renting conference rooms and reaching out to the community. 

We are happy to explain in detail of how funding is used throughout the conference. Please contact us for more information. ​

Methods of donation

We gladly accept any corporations, organizations, and individuals that support our mission. 

For those who are considering to donate to our cause, please contact us via the inquiry form down below. Once we receive your message, we will contact you for further explanations and instructions on how to fund the International Student Conference.

Contact us

For any inquiries about funding, please contact us through the below e-mail address.

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