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Poland: Ai Taguchi

My birthplace is Okayama. However, I went to Poland right after that, and spend my childhood. So my mind's hometown is Poland, Warsaw. What do you image Poland? Maybe it's unfamiliar country for Japanese. I think many people have images of Chopin, and Auschwitz. Poland is the country which has strong connection with arts and history. At first, outdoor piano concerts are often held in the downtown area. Chopin music is pleasant, and comfortable, people sleep or read books with his melodies. Squares and peafowls sometimes coming to listen the melody. Also, orchestra, ballet and opera are be held almost every day, so Warsaw is the city of art. On the other hand, it is a country with a sorrowful past. During World War II, Poland was occupied by Nazi. The Jew were took to the concentration camp and was abused in inferior environment, and many people died. I have visited Auschwitz many times, and every visit made me feel very sad. However, the present Polish people do not blame German. They rather say "thank you for coming to Auschwitz, let's make a peaceful world together". I like open-mindedness and tolerance of Polish people. Could you get the image of Poland? Please visit Poland someday​!

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