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Penang, Malysia :Rachel Faun

I’m from Penang, a little island situated on the Northern part of Peninsular Malaysia. It’s an absolute paradise (think coconut trees, pineapples and beaches!). Combining both modernity and culture, Penang attracts both Malaysians and non-Malaysians alike.

Penangites are proud of one thing that separates themselves from all other state residents, and that is: Food. “Penang Food” has a brand of its own and is well-known among Malaysians. Among the most famous are “Penang Road Cendol”, “Ayer Itam Laksa”, “Lok-Lok @ Padang Brown” and “Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng”. If you notice, most of these foods are associated with the places where you can get them. This doesn’t mean that that’s the only place in Penang that sells those foods. These foods had the ‘name of roads’ associated with them as Penangites find that those stalls are the best in making those particular foods in Penang. For example, “Penang Road Cendol” is best eaten at Penang Road.

After satisfying your hunger pangs, you can stroll on the streets of Georgetown, which was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2008. One of the highlights in this area is the random placements of street art. Lithuanian artist, Ernest Zacharevic, painted most of the street art in this area. It’s wise to have a street art map beforehand if you wish to cover all of them in a day or two. You can also ask any locals and ‘beca’ drivers. ‘Beca’ is a Malay term for trishaw. ‘Beca’ drivers are the ones who know the area best. If your feet tire from all the walking, or if the sun gets too much to bear, getting on one of the trishaws will be a good experience as well!

All in all, Penang is an awesome place to visit. It’s definitely a bucket-list item!

  Lok-Lok         Ayer Itam Laksa      Penang Road Cendol

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