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Kanagawa, Japan: Yuki Kanayama

I live in Fujisawa. Fujisawa is very famous for Kamakura and Enoshima. The city is very

close to Tokyo. It takes me one hour to get there. I want to explain two places I

mentioned above. Kamakura is a medieval city. There are a lot of temples, where many

people come and pray for better lives. One of the most famous temples is Tsurugaoka

Hachiman-gu. There are a lot of anecdotes surrounding this temple. If you go there

during Main ST, please check them out! Many foreigners, who are interested in this town,

come to this town. Therefore, you may find it easier to get some information thanks to

notifications written in English than other cities. Do you know Minamotono Yoritomo?

He is said to be a ruler in the medieval age. He decided to build “Bakufu” (which is, to put

a long story simply, a social system) in Kamakura. As for Enoshima, I think it is the best

place to play with some friends. That is because there are a lot of restaurants which

serve delicious foods unique to this area. One of the good dishes is Shirasu-don, which I

recommend you should eat. If you visit this area, don’t miss the opportunity! Also,

Enoshima is very famous for its beautiful scenery. Thanks to this beautiful, amazing

scenery, many people come every year with their boyfriends and girlfriends. I envy them.

In addition to the landscape, the island has a bell called Love Bell. I am not sure why that

bell is called so. However, a lot of couples come here to ring the bell every year. The bell

is said to make their dreams come true. Thus, my prefecture is full of many interesting

places. Enjoy Kanagawa!

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