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Kanagawa, Japan: Natsuki Okayama

My hometown is Kawasaki in Kanagawa prefecture. The town has attractive aspects of factory district, countryside, and theme parks. Since the past, the cultivations of pears was popular in my town, most parts of my living area was covered by pears fields. Still now, pears from Kawasaki is famous, local people buy fresh pears at local farms in Kawasaki during the best season for pears. Although we have the agricultural aspect in my living area, in other parts of Kawasaki has an aspect of the industrial area. In the city, one of the main industry is steel industry, and there are many factories. After the post-war period, these steal industries became a factor of serious environmental pollutions in Japan. However, currently, we solve the pollution issues and maintain the beautiful town. Moreover, factories which are lighted up at nights got popular among people, and people come to see the beautiful night views of factories. In Kawasaki, there is a beautiful river, called Tamagawa, between our town and Tokyo prefecture. In summer, people, especially children, go to the river and play in the water and enjoy fishing. Also, every autumn, two firework festivals are held from Kawasaki side and Tokyo side alongside Tamagawa river in a day. Thus, you can enjoy two firework festivals in a day!! There are two main places where you should visit with your friends. The first one is Yomiuri-land which has both of them parks and outdoor pools. Every summer, many people visit the theme park and make a great memory! Also, in winters, the theme park has the beautiful Christmas lights which are famous as the largest Christmas lights in the metropolitan area. The next place you should go is Fujiko F Fujio museum. One of the popular anime among Japanese people is Doraemon that almost all Japanese people watched in childhoods. Since Fujiko F Fujio who is the author of Doraemon had lived in Kawasaki until he passed away, we have the museum to tell about the anime. By visiting the museum, you can know well more about the Japanese culture. In my hometown, there are many attractive places! Also, you can go to my hometown from the center of Tokyo by 20-30 minutes! I hope you will visit my hometown someday!!

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