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Application is now available!

【Application Deadline: March 14th (JST)】 The application form for ISC64 is now available on our website.😊🎉 Come to Japan, and discuss global issues together with us!

---------- 【Conference Date】 Advanced Study Tour: August 22-25  Main Conference in Tokyo: August 26-September 3rd

【Venue】 Advanced Study Tour: Either one of the following venues: Kyoto,Hanshin(Osaka,Kobe),Kyushu, Okayama, and Nagoya Main Conference: Tokyo

【Discussion Topics】 Table1. Table1: Heterosexism Table2: Game-changers Democracy and Global Order Table3: Designer Babies Table4: 21st Century Education Table5: The Global Rise of Religious Violence  Table6: Legal Foundations on Human Rights

For more details about Topic and applicants, please check our website.

we look forward to meet you!! 👍

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