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Yamaguchi, Tokyo: Shiki Aoyagi

I was born in Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi prefecture. It is located in the westernmost tip of the main island of japan. There are many mountains just as its name. This prefecture does not develop so much. The population is around 1.5million, and there are lots of elderly. Therefore, lots of my friends in university do not know about my hometown so much and ask me “what is famous in Yamaguchi?”, “where is Yamaguchi?”. Compared with a big city such as Tokyo or Kyoto, my hometown may not have outstanding characters. However, there are many unique characters in Yamaguchi prefecture and Shimonoseki city. At first, I’ll talk about Yamaguchi Prefecture except Shimonoseki. In my prefecture, there are many historical places. As a whole, they are not as colorful as those in Kyoto, you can experience a graceful and relaxing time. My favorite is Motonosumi-Inari shrine. Going there, you can find so many torii!! In addition, you can sea the beautiful ocean and a sheer cliff. To my surprise, CNN has recovered this shrine!! It’s so amazing, isn’t it? I also like Akiyoshidai, which is famous for it’s the largest Karst terrain in Japan. Limestone crave bring you a mysterious experience through watching its long and dynamic landscape and history. Moreover, you can enjoy driving the vast field, which is covered with numerous limestone. Going there in sunny days is also great, but when you go there at midnight, you can see countable stars you will not be able to watch in big cities. Then, I’ll introduce my hometown, Shimonoseki. Many people knew that its famous for blowfish. This is a proud thing, but there are many recommendable things in this city. The nature is a good example. We have both beautiful mountains and sea!! In addition, the train which is called “Sanyo-line” is running along the sea, so you can enjoy watching the blue sea, riding on an old and traditional train. Why don’t you spend your summer vacation enjoying Shimonoseki’s nature? Shimonoseki is famous for the large number of historical people. After Meiji Restoration, many people from Choushu, the previous name of Yamaguchi, became government executive. Moreover, today’s prime minister, Shinzou Abe, was born in Shimonoseki. Not only nature and historical people but living in this town is quite comfortable. If you want to go to more developed city, you can go to Kokura, the north city in Fukuoka, spending only 30 minutes on train. On the other hand, if you want to watch nature, you can do it by going north part of this town, using train. Thus, you can enjoy both nature and city.

For these reason, my hometown is so amazing!! You must regret if you don’t go there!! Please come!!

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