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Yamaguchi, Japan: Kanon Hironaka

I am from Yamaguchi which is in the most western side in Honshu in Japan. What do you imagine when you hear Yamaguchi? Yamaguchi-shi where I was born and raised, and it is located in the middle of Yamaguchi-ken and it is surrounded by a lot of mountains. We can see the mountains 360 degrees if we go anywhere. And in July we can see fireflies because there is a very clear river that show how natural our city is. In the center of city, we have “Rurikogi-gozyu-no-to” I think you can feel history of difference with Kyoto right? By the way, Yamaguchi sometimes referred to as western Kyoto. In the summer there held big festival it’s called “Tyochin Matsuri” that lights up whole city at night. Yamaguchi-ken has lots of characteristic spot by the places. For example, Hagi-shi. There are also cities that were famous in the past. The city is called “zyo-ka-machi” and if you enter there you can feel that history. Commencing with “sho-in-sensei” and his students of “Shi-shi” in end of “Edo” period are necessary when we introduce Yamaguchi. The “Shoka-son-juku” where their place to learn is still reminded now. And “Hagi-yaki” is the very famous potty. Mine-shi, there are big cave it’s called “Shu-ho-do” that made by long days and that beautiful view that you cannot forget if you see that at once and then overwhelm many people who came in there. Recommended place of Iwakuni-shi is actually “Kintai-kyo”. This bridge doesn’t use any nails and it holds a feeling of resonance. Shimonoseki-shi there are well known for their flesh marine products commencing with “Karato-ichiba”. I think if you hear Yamaguchi many people would think about “blowfish” right? I cannot stop talking if I start to talk about Yamaguchi. That it shows what’s great about Yamaguchi and that it has a lot of wonderful places. Most of people said Yamaguchi is just a road to go through Kyushu or the other hands to go through Honshu, but please feel to lots of nature viewing and tour the historic areas if you ever have time. Welcome to Yamaguchi!!

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