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Study Meeting Report: Table 5

Table 5 held their first study meeting recently. Let's all see what they did in order to prepare for the upcoming conference, reported by Nao Tamura!

What did your table do during the recent study meeting?

In the first meeting in May, we focused on the students’ situation. So the recent study meeting,we discussed young workers’ mental health firstly. As we had a time to contact with the table chief, we organized some questions, especially whose definition were vague. After Skype, we got new tasks and also we were able to remove some ambiguity. Secondly we knew that after the main conference, we will held an event for who have mental issues and their families. We talked about how long it is, what kind of events it is. Lastly we thought about what problems happened to students with mental issues. I think we can discuss mainly three topics deeply and I had a great time with Japanese members and the table chief.

Do you have any encouraging words for your table-mates as well as your fellow ISC participants?

There is about one month left to start the main conference. I’d like to research and get more knowledge. Also I’d like to make good relations with table members!

Thank you Nao! Stay tuned for other updates on ISC65!

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