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Romania: Ruxandra Ioana Florea​

I am originally from Romania, which is the largest country belonging to Southeastern Europe.

It is roughly the same size as the United Kingdom and its neighbors include Bulgaria, Ukraine,Hungary and Serbia. It is also bordered by the Black Sea, where it has several important ports.

Since 1989, Romania has become democratic, but before it was led by President Ceausescu

and his communist regime. Romania has also joined the European Union since 2007.

Romania is internationally known for: vampires, castles and famous athletes. First of all, it is

the country where the legend of vampires was born and it is all because of the Prince Vlad

Dracula, who was the ruler of Wallachia, an important part of the old Romania! Transylvania

is also the most popular region of Romania, due to the influence of Dracula. The architecture

in Romania still features a lot of medieval castles and ruins because it is a country with an old

and interesting history. Probably the most renowned castle is the Bran Castle, with good looks, a rich history and the world famous legend of Dracula. Another famous and beautiful castle is the Peles Castle, which was the first European castle entirely lit by electrical current.

What is special about us, Romanians, is that we are the only Latin people in Eastern Europe

area and our language, Romanian, is a Romance language (in the same category with Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian).

We are also known for our amazing athletes. One of them is Nadia Comaneci, who was the

first gymnast in the world to ever score a perfect 10 at the World Olympics. Recently, the

Romanian tennis player, Simona Halep has become the number 1 female tennis player in the

world at the WTA tour 2018.

Besides all that has been mentioned, we have many other things to be proud of! We are home of the best mountain road in the world, according to Top Gear. Transfagarasan goes through the Transylvanian Alps and is one of the most spectacular roads in the world. A big part of the Danube Delta, the second largest river delta in Europe, lies within Romania and it has a highly diverse flora and fauna.

I live in the capital city of Romania, Bucharest, which is the city with the heaviest building in

the world! The Palace of Parliament is the largest administrative building in the world,

weighing around 4,098,500,000 kilograms.

More interesting things about Romania? Bitdefender, one of the best antivirus software was

developed by a Romanian company called Softwin. Inventor Traian Vuia was the first

European to build and fly an airplane. Romanian sculptor Constantin Brancusi was named the patriarch of modern sculpture and one of the most influential sculptors of the 20th century.

George Enescu was the most important musician in Romania, known internationally for its

musical compositions. Romanian inventor Petrache Poenaru invented the world's first fountain pen. George Emil Palade, described as the most influential cell biologist ever, was awarded the Nobel Prize thanks to his discoveries and foundation of modern molecular cell biology. The most famous Romanian poet of all times is Mihai Eminescu.

I hope this list of important Romanian people, locations and symbols demonstrate how

significant Romania’s history and contributions are to the world we live in today.

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