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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Sara Fonseca Santos

 I am from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We are known for a lot of things, like Carnival, samba and football, but there is so much more to see than that! We have a rich culture, that flourished through the mixture of immigrants from all over the world. In Rio, a walk downtown can make you travel in time: we have buildings that go back from the 16th century and all sorts of architectonic styles. So you can visit the Municipal Theater, imponent and full of history, a Burle Marx designed garden and the São Bento monastery, a beautiful church decorated in a rich baroque style, all of this only within a few blocks!  Furthermore, we have a lot of activities all over the city: in Madureira, the district where I live, you can dance Jongo, a rhythm that originated in Africa, and was danced by the slaves brought to Brazil to work in coffee farms. Also, it's possible to visit samba schools and watch them practice to carnival, which is really fun. And then, there is the best thing in Brazil: the people! Brazilians are a happy and welcoming folk, and we will treat everyone like family, making sure you too are happy, and having the time of your life!

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