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New York, USA: Remi Nakazeki

Although I consider both Tokyo and New York as my hometowns, since I grew up in New York, I would like to introduce the charms of “The Big Apple.” It is a city with the most iconic skylines, not to mention the Empire State and Chrysler Buildings. It is a city that never sleeps, a city full of people in every neighborhood, and a city bursting with energy.

But amidst the fast-paced life style, one could still find tranquility in the city’s natural heart, Central Park. It is an oasis smack in the middle of New York City, which offers busy New Yorkers as well as tourists from all over the world, a moment of relaxation.

New York also offers a vast array of cuisines. Starting from delicious pizzas and hamburgers to bagels, kebabs, dumplings, and pretzels, you can enjoy food from all over the world in just one city.

The wonderful mixture of modern sky scrappers, fast-paced city life, nature, and international cuisines make New York one of my favorite cities, and a city that I can truly call home.

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