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Kanagawa, Tokyo: Risa Higashida

I’m from Yokohama in Kanagawa prefecture, which is next to Tokyo. Yokohama is the second most populous city in Japan, but you can enjoy not only city parts but also rural parts with a lot of green. Moreover, Yokohama is one of the first port town which opened at the latter of Edo period and it has been flourishing as a window on the Western. You can enjoy seeing Western style buildings and feeling he exotic sensation of being in a foreign country.

Speaking of Yokohama, it is famous for China town. This is the biggest China town in Japan and it is crowded with tourism, especially on weekends. But I’m sure you will definitely enjoy real Chinese food and atmosphere there. If you have never been there, why don’t you go there?

The place called Minatomirai is also famous in Yokohama. It is now a place which has both sea and land. You can enjoy do sightseeing and shopping while enjoy seeing the scenery of sea. Night view is also quite popular especially for lovers as a date place. Yokohama is quite convenient for the transportation wherever you go, so why don’t you come visit Yokohama?

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