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ISC66 Review: Hiep

Hiep Do Hoang


1. 仕事内容はどのようなものでしたか。What was your role in ISC66?

At ISC66, I was a piece of the Academic duo (LOL) with Ming and we were in-charge of handling any matters that are related to the academic aspect of the conference. This year, we were responsible for recruiting the table chiefs; managing all the topics with our table chiefs for the online events series; collaborating with Mr. Gen Hidari from Humans Right Watch and the Campaign to Stop Killer Robots for an event aiming at raising awareness of students about the issue of Killer Robots. Due to the impact of the COVID-19, there are some unprecedented changes in our jobs as academics, for example, we cannot carry out our annual 2-week program like usual but instead, had to move everything online; or we could not have a throughout discussion and the discussion outcomes for each topic. Although being unable to do such usual things, it was such a memorable experience for me (and I think all of us) as we were the first ISC ever in history to challenge ourselves with such new initiatives to adapt to the pandemic situation.

2. この仕事のやりがいは何だと思いますか。What are the perks of being in your role?

I would have to say being exposed to more global and societal issues that are still surrounding us. Being able to work with our table chiefs helped me be aware more of the issues that our world is facing right now and why it is vital that we come up with solutions for those issues. For example, this year we had two table chiefs both focusing on personal data privacy but from two different angles: the use of them as public assets in a pandemic like this year and the use of them as economic resources. As someone who is experiencing the constant and dynamic changing of technology, especially with the rising influence of social media empires, I find it very helpful to learn more about how our data can help prevent the pandemic from expanding. Also at the same time, it was very mind-opening for me personally, to gain more perspectives about how social media enterprises have been handling our personal data.

Another good thing coming out of being an academic was to be able to connect with experts. This year, it was our honor to collaborate with representatives from international organizations such as Human Rights Watch and The Campaign to Stop Killer Robots. It was beneficial for me both in terms of broadening my mind and gaining real-life experience with such renowned organizations.

3. 1年間振り返って、一番思い出に残ったこと、楽しかったことについて教えてください。What was your most memorable / happiest experience of the last year?

I think my most memorable moment was definitely the day we decided that we had to change the format of our conference online. It was such a sad moment for all of us because by that point we had already been contributing very much to organize the conference and it was pretty much of a bummer taking in that news. But the silver lining was that we got to challenge ourselves with something very new and precedent (ISC had to be canceled once in 2003 due to the SARS epidemic in 2003). This time we got technology on our side so we knew that we could somehow make this happen. The turning point is such a minestrone that will forever stay in our heads.

My happiest memory throughout the whole year is especially when we receive feedback from our participants for our One-Day ISC66 online event and our first event in the series of online events. There were many doubts and worries as never in the history of ISC had there been an online event, so I think all of us feared that things could not go well and we had to give in to COVID-19. But luckily, things turn out well and we received so many positive feedbacks from our participants who were such amazing and understanding individuals. (Shout out to all of you WOOHOO). Those comments definitely gave us the motivation to carry on with other online events and a kind of concrete hope that we CAN do THIS!

4. 逆に一番辛いと感じたことはなんですか。On the other hand, what was the most challenging part?

I think this was pretty personal but juggling between ISC work and my thesis was the most challenging part for me this year. I have already been telling myself (and also other people) that “OK, you got to pick your battle, choose to focus whichever things that should be prioritized first.” In this case, it was my thesis. And I did prioritize it first. But at the same time I was having such a terrible feeling of guilt for not being able to be more attentive and helpful for ISC and I think I’m still feeling a little bit guilty up until now.

I would like to use this opportunity to express my appreciation for my Academic buddy – Ming, who had been taking on most of the academic jobs in the latter part, and Namie, Hikari, Sulli, Kana, Hanano, Yuna, Koma, Nao, Mina, Rion, Mai, Wasim, Narjes, Ayu, Dzuy, and Yuri for being there and give me such emotional comfort!!!! Love ya!!!!

5. ISC67実行員会へのメッセージをお願いします。Please leave a message for the committee members of ISC67.


The current situation is so unprecedented not just for us but for the whole world. Therefore it is so blurry for you guys in the road ahead, not knowing whether you can do it offline as usual or continue doing it online as this year. But whichever scenarios, do remember that you still got us and other committee members in past ISC to support and help you go through with stuffs. I cannot guarantee that the experience will only be full of joy and excitement but one thing for sure is that it will be memorable and it will be worthwhile for y’all!!

Oh oh and also do remember to take care of yourself and have a healthy life-style LOL

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