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ISC66 Review: Sulli

Sulagna Banerjee

General Affairs

1. 仕事内容はどのようなものでしたか。What was your role in ISC66?

I, along with my partner Kana, were in charge of General Affairs, which dealt with communication between the committee and the participants. We were also incharge of the Visa Procedure for the International Resident Participants, but due to cancellation of the actual conference this year due to COVID-19, we didn’t need to prepare any visas for the participants. But aside from that factor, the work of General Affairs remained the same. Our job was to build a bridge between the committee and the participants, to avoid any form of miscommunications or misunderstandings, it also involved with sending out results to participants

2. この仕事のやりがいは何だと思いますか。What are the perks of being in your role?

According to me, the biggest perk of working for General Affairs is interacting with the participants and answering their queries regarding ISC, this way we provide a clearer and detailed picture of ISC to the outside world. Although this year the conference was done online, I believe this gave GA the opportunity to work more closely with the committee as well as the participants, as the majority of the communication between the two parties were done online, this gave GA the opportunity to step up their game and therefore improve their technical as well as their interpersonal skills.

3. 1年間振り返って、一番思い出に残ったこと、楽しかったことについて教えてください。What was your most memorable / happiest experience of the last year?

Personally, for me the happiest experience last year as a committee member of ISC was getting to know the committee members, making new friends during these tough times, also something that I noticed in ISC was how flexible each and every member was during the transition from actual conference to online platform. Working with my partner as well as all the committee members gave me a lot of good memories as well as interpersonal skills that i will definitely cherish and implement in the days to come.

4. 逆に一番辛いと感じたことはなんですか。On the other hand, what was the most challenging part?

Personally, the shift from the actual conference to an online conference wasn’t that difficult for the GA, but the most challenging part of ISC for me was the Japanese communication gap that I faced due to a poor hold on Japanese language, but there was definitely an improvement in my Japanese language skills after joining ISC, so personally I think the language barrier I faced during communicating with the committee members, resulted in a learning experience rather than viewing it as a challenge.

5. ISC67実行員会へのメッセージをお願いします。Please leave a message for the committee members of ISC67.

I hope all the committee members of ISC67 have an amazing time organizing the next ISC! Being a committee member of ISC will give you numerous memories, opportunities as well as challenges, but at the end of the day it will all be worth it! And don’t be shy to ask for help, someone from the committee will always be there to help!!

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