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Introduction of the Committee vol.11:『Chihiro Yamamoto』


Who would be our next committee members to be introduced in the "Introduction of Committee" series? Who else but one of our Planning in-charge overflowing with ideas for amazing planning- Chihiro Yamamoto!

English follows








Q4.ISC64の参加動機を教えてください。(What had led you to participate in ISC64?)


I took part in ISC64 because I wanted to accomplish something using English and because I wanted to try something new. I have a motto to try out everything I can, and ISC64 was a part of it.

I spent a few years during elementary school in the US, but I did not have many chances to use English after coming back to Japan. Since then, I had always dreamed of using English to communicate. One day I searched on the internet if there was something I could do, and that’s when I learned about ISC. I thought this was exactly what I wanted to do and decided to apply for it.

Q5. ISC64を終えての感想を教えてください。(Can you share your feeling after ISC64's over?)



My impression of ISC64 is simple: fun. Even though it was only for 9 days, I made lots of friends, had serious discussions, and I really enjoyed every part of the program. I appreciate my experience of ISC64 for even changing my thoughts and values of life.

To be honest, 9 days of the main conference passed by very quickly. We sometimes found ourselves stuck in loops and repeating the same discussions again, especially because my table topic was on Designer Babies. It was very hard to discuss something that doesn’t exist yet and talk on hypothesis. However, I think it helped us gain confidence by advancing the discussion and reaching the conclusion by ourselves.

Q6. ISC64を終えて、今年は運営委員になりました。その理由を教えてください。(Can you share with us the reason you decided to become a committee members of ISC65?)



The main reason I became a committee member is because I enjoyed ISC64 so much and I was eager to do something for ISC65. I was also interested in organizing such a big conference, providing an enjoyable, valuable time for everyone.

In addition, I found it fascinating that ISC was something I could only do when I am a student. I felt that I would regret it if I didn’t take this chance now and decided to join as a committee member.

Starting to work as a committee member, I realized that managing the conference is harder than I had imagined. However, working with the other members is very fun, and I am really looking forward to meeting the participants for ISC65. I feel so blessed to work for this team and I hope you will apply for it too!

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