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[Humans of ISC67] Participant Edition: Diana Khabarova

#1 Please introduce yourself!

Hi! I’m currently a second-year student at Saint Petersburg State University, Russia. My major is International Relations, and I am now specializing in global environmental issues and intercultural cooperation. As for my hobbies, I'm fond of photography and design, so it will be a pleasure for me to contribute to my team in this way. And I enjoy learning foreign languages as well, speaking English, Spanish and German)

#2 What is your favorite thing about your country/city? Why?

My favorite thing about Saint Petersburg is that, if compared to other cities and towns in Russia, it is much more comfortable for living. Despite the fact that there is segregation (the city center is to some extent separated from remote parts), if we talk about the center, it is an area where you can walk. There are many pedestrian streets, as well as green areas - gardens and squares, where it is very pleasant to spend time, especially in summer. Recently, the number of bicycles and scooters has also increased. In addition, this all goes well with historical monuments and buildings. Finally, I can say that the city is developing and I like the direction in which it is happening.

#3 What made you want to join ISC67 and your table? What would you like to achieve through the conference?

Previously, I was one of the founders of a club on my campus that aims to create a community of students and specialists of international relations interested in ecology. This project was launched within the framework of the Global University Climate Forum.

I continued to develop in this area, and now it is a great pleasure for me to take part in the ISC67! It is a chance for me to gain valuable knowledge and skills, as well as practice my English, communicating with ambitious people from all over the world. I've chosen Table 5: Participatory Urban Planning since this is exactly the field that I am most interested in. Through the conference, I want to learn about new approaches and get unforgettable experiences!

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