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[Humans of ISC67] Participant Edition: Dang Huynh Thien Phu (Sandy)

#1 Please introduce yourself!

My name is Dang Huynh Thien Phu, you can also call me Sandy. I am from Vietnam and am currently a rising third-year student at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities- Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City, majoring in International Relations. I live in Ho Chi Minh City which is also my hometown.

#2 What is your favorite thing about your country/city? Why?

I love the natural landscapes of my home country. We have the breathtaking white sand beaches in coastal cities, the turquoise water at the peaceful bays, the vast picturesque green rice fields that stretch to the horizon at the countryside, the stunning rice terraces that are carved into the mountainside, the enormous incredible caves that are home to many rare species of flora and fauna, and the majestic mountains that touch the sky and hug the clouds. I am so proud of my country for its wonderful nature. Since I live in Ho Chi Minh city, which is dubbed as the business and financial hub of Vietnam with its bustle and a dynamic pace of life, I always find it fascinating to discover the natural beauty of my country and enjoy a peaceful-paced life. This photo of me was taken in Trang An, which was recognized by UNESCO as World Natural Heritage Sites in Vietnam along with Ha Long Bay and Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

#3 What made you want to join ISC67 and your table? What would you like to achieve through the conference?

My reason for joining ISC67 was that I wanted to seize this opportunity to discuss global issues with students from other countries. By that, I can widen my knowledge, expand as well as diversify my perspective, which will undoubtedly be beneficial to my study majoring in International Relations. More importantly, together, through informative and constructive discussion, we can figure out how young people like us can act to improve the discussed issues. I chose Table 2, which was about nuclear weapons as I had learned some basic knowledge about it before. I took this as a precious chance to learn more as well as make the most of my summer break. By joining the conference, I want to train myself to be more confident to speak up my own opinions. Moreover, I hope to deepen my knowledge about nuclear weapons through informative discussion in a highly diverse environment at ISC67.

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