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[Humans of ISC67] Participant Edition:

#1 Please introduce yourself!

Hello, my name is Amyra Aliya, you can call me Aliya, I am from Indonesia and currently residing in Jakarta. I am a 4th-year student at the University of Indonesia, Depok, and currently studying French Studies! I am also a member of Table 5 for ISC67!

#2 What is your favorite thing about your country/city? Why?

All my life, since I was born, I have lived in Indonesia, in the city of Jakarta, specifically in South Jakarta. Jakarta is the capital of Indonesia and it is filled with surprises! Indonesia itself has various regions with its own uniqueness and characteristics that can be enjoyed. Few things that I love about Indonesia are the natural beauty and the culinary! Indonesia has mountains and seas that can be discovered throughout the land from the east to the west side. The cuisine is top tier, with undeniable delicacy, and unique taste. Indonesian people are warm, friendly, courteous and extremely polite too.

#3 What made you want to join ISC67 and your table? What would you like to achieve through the conference?

Even though I'm studying French right now, I have broad interests, such as language, international studies and issues, entrepreneurship, and also urban planning! It's a great opportunity to learn about urban planning, while connecting with new friends from around the world, know their perspectives, and know more about their home/resident country and city too. I want to continue urban-planning-related master education and career, but due to my current major, I think it will be hard. I feel that joining this conference will be one way to help me achieve my ambition! I can understand better about related theories and how to implement them too.

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