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Hachiouji, Tokyo: Masami Komatsu

My hometown is Hachioji in westside of Tokyo. From Hachioji to Tokyo just only spend 1hour. No bad.

This town has beautiful nature and calm country side. When i ran in midnight, i met Momonga, Raccoon,and Itatsi. They are so cute!

I recommend you 3 places to visit in Hachioji.

First, Mt.Takao is famous in all over the world. In a year more than 3 million people come to this mountain. Mt Takao is easy to climb because this mt is not too high. When i was elementary school student, I climbed this mountain. On top of the mountain i drunk water, that taste was so good and that view was so beautiful, I could see rural area of Tokyo. Mt Takao shows different scene in each season (spring,summer,fall,winter).If you want feel relax and drink delicious water, i recommend you to visit to Mt Takao!

Second, After you climbed Mt takao. You want to go to bath “onsen”. I recommend You to visit

“GOKURAKUYU” in TakaoSanguchi station. This spot is kind of amusementpark. There are  bath room, massage room. Food space etc,,,. When i visited in this spot. Many tourist come to this spot. I thought “this is really Japan?”. Global…

Finally Hachioji has Maiko who show dance and sing song girls in a private party.

“Maiko” in Kyoto is famous in Japan. I respect these girls because almost same age girl make an effort to take over to traditional for next generation.

If you find new awesome place in Hachioji, please sent to my facebook page.

Mt. Takao seen from the Tama Mausoleum

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