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Chiang Rai,Thailand: Theeritsara Laopaiboonpipat

 I’m from Thailand and I came from the city, called ‘Chiang Rai’. Thailand is an easy country to live. People are easygoing and very opened. The best part of Thailand would be the food and its culture. There are variety of food, which I could guarantee that you will love Thai dishes. Some people may say that Thai food is spicy. I would not deny that, but you can find any taste in Thai dishes and the seafood here is very nice. Another thing that I would proudly present is the way of people living. It is quite simple but attractive. In the other words, people’s living really reflects on Thailand’s society is shaped by our tradition and custom.

This sense is also illustrated in the building and temple. Especially, in the big city like ‘Bangkok’ or ‘Chiang Mai’, it would the combination of the civilization and the modernization. Moreover, the scenery is very beautiful. We have mountain on the Northern part and an ocean in the South. As for me, I used to live in Chiang Rai, which is located in the most Northern part of Thailand. I love my hometown, though it is rural and not civilized. I can feel peace within the nature. It is the place where many famous artists born, therefore, you can find many art museums, for instance, Ban Dam, Wat Ron Kung. In addition, it is a good place to enjoy watching sunset and the stars at night. I love Thailand, and wish that you would come to visit Thailand one day! Here are some of my country’s beauty:

This is Wat Rong Kun, a temple that was founded by an artist in my city.

This is one of the famous beach in the Southern part.

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