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Australia, Sydney: Anna Yan Yee Rumjahn

I was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. Being a multicultural country, my network comprises of people from all backgrounds. This is quite a distinct difference about us, as we all strive to coexist harmoniously in an inclusive society. There is respect for the differences of those who bring their own culture from other countries, such as the food and language, but also, everyone does their best to assimilate into the ‘Australian’ way of life.

The landscape ranges from vast deserts in Central Australia, to lush rainforests in tropical Northern Australia, to white-sand beaches all across the coast. I am blessed to have travelled around my country, having the opportunity to experience

Australian’s have a big love for sport, particularly cricket, tennis and the different codes of rugby. Every summer, there will be the ‘The Ashes’ which is England versus Australia in cricket, as well as ‘The Australian Open’ for tennis. We attract tourists by the thousands to get together and enjoy watching the talent. Schools always promote the benefits of sport and teach a wide range of them. I’m a netball player and have been playing for 14 years in a range of State competitions and representing my school district.

Children growing up in Australia enjoy playing outside after school, riding their bikes around the neighbourhood and running around at the local park. Most will attend extra-curricular activities such as dance, art or music lessons throughout the week as well.

Living in Sydney, I am lucky to enjoy to grow up in a semi-rural area, but get to live the city life when I travel to university and work. There are a plethora of amazing cafes which have beautiful interior designs, ranging from garden themed to industrial inspired. During my free days, I will frequent to one for brunch (a meal eaten between breakfast and lunch) with friends to catch up.

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