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​The 68th International Student Conference


Big Step
New chapter in the story of the global society and our lives

68th International Student Conference schedule (entire online)


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Advanced Conference: 2022

June 25 20:00-22:30 JST

June 26 20:00~22:30 JST

  • Advanced Conference is the very first and most important opportunity to meet with other participants. 

  • On the first day, committee members will explain the schedule of ISC68 to participants. After that, participants will be allocated into their own table, and start to discuss their topic. Also, the table chief will share the tentative schedule for table members. 

  • At last, committee members conduct cultural exchange events, and encourage all of the participants of ISC68 to have a great time through this program. 

Advanced study session: June 26~ August 5, 2022

  • In advanced study sessions, participants start to research and deepen their table topic with their table members.

  • In this period, we plan to have a mentorship session in which we invite mentors from outside ISC. We aim to have a more clear image to our final product (policy proposal and business plan etc),  and deepen what we know about the topic. 

Main Conference: August 6 ~ August 13, 2022

For more details, go to Main Conference page

Official Language




Number of participants

Japanese Resident Participants: 20, International Resident Participants: 20, Committee members: 17

Participation fee

5000 yen

*It includes

  • The entire program fee

  • Mentorship program by experts 

  • Certificate provided by ISC after completion of the program

Table Topics

The 68th International Student Conference, we have 4 tables. Click the below to see the details of each table 

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