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Table Topics

Overall Theme

Big Step
New chapter in the story of the global society and our lives

2022 - Having been prospecting “Post Covid Era”, the global society has mapped out key strategic priorities for further changes and development worldwide. Nevertheless, there has been a growing concern about new variants and infection spikes; hence, it is imperative for governments to take a careful, step-by-step approach to maintain socio-economic stability. Meanwhile, this era of coronavirus has altered lives in the global community in various ways. At the same time, a number of social issues have become visible in the light of crisis management.


In ISC68th, students will think through problems in this fast-changing world and bring forward realistic and effective proposals. Furthermore, this theme implies changes of ourselves and participants themselves. This means that during the two-month program, students from around the world will learn from each other, improve each other's skills and eventually become a better version of themselves.  Therefore, We committee members have strong desire to provide such an opportunity for all of them. Finally, we have this goal that the program will provide a boost of energy to both global society and to the lives of the participants.

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