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Table 2 International Law

Approximately 66°30’N. Land covered by ice and snow.
The northeast region of the earth- Arctic area. There are many unknown problems that need to be solved.

One of the biggest primary resources is the sea. That being said, with the detrimental human activities such as abusing of resources, Earth remains to be continuously damaged. Additionally, even under the regulation of the ICJ(International Court of Justice), there are still many unsolved disputes regarding sea territories. For instance, the sovereignty of the Arctic is still a big concern of international society. According to these issues, this table will mainly focus on enacting the Arctic issues specifically focused on the environment and the law regime. What kind of legal framework should we make in order to fit the current situation? How do we find a balance point between the state's interest(based in Japan) and the sustainable development goals?
Let’s be the first polar bear to explore the unknown!

Message from Table Chief:
Hi! This is Kyu(Qiu), thank you very much for your interest in the Arctic table! For those of you who want to know more about the sea or International law of the sea, you are more than welcome to apply for it! For those of you interested in the law of the sea and Arctic issues, don't miss this opportunity! Over the next few months, the table will hold various study sessions and discussions with the overarching goal of examining international law issues in the Arctic. In the end, we will try to come up with a "policy proposal" that will be useful to the whole international community. If this intro has piqued your interest, please contact us! You will gain not only knowledge but also make a world connection of friendships. Believe the power of serendipity.
We look forward to hearing from you

About table chief

Name : Yingjiao Qiu
Nationality : China
University : Nihon University

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