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Table5 Meeting Report : Haruna Yamakawa

The study meeting in June, each member gave a presentation about one their chosen religion in order to deepen the understanding. Also, the discussion based one the presentation. Each religion, such as Christianity, Islam, the Judaism and the Buddhism, have different beginning as a religion. But the opposition was happening to every religion historically. In particular, three of Christianity, Islam and Judaism are monotheism and believing same God, thought, those have caused violent like a crusade, a holocaust and s terrorism. The possible reason and the cause of each religion opposition were discussed in this study meeting, but we felt it is more complicated than one thought. There were a lot of complicated problems, so I also thought I had to study more. For the next study meeting, I want to dig into deeper understanding of each religion and find out the cause.

Also, we visited “Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center”, the biggest mosque in Japan as a field work. Before visiting, my initial image toward mosque was strict, but as I went, there was no such things. Even after the sermon, Children were playing with friends outside of mosque and the atmosphere seems very soft. In Japan, because Islam is minority, the

opportunity to know about Islam is only few. But, throughout the experiences we had at

mosque, my image towards Islam had totally changed. I would like to study more about Islam and deepen the understanding.

To describe the member of table 5 in one words, I would say they are very unique. Even

thought we just got to know each few months ago, we already tease each other whenever we have meeting. Also, each of us have interesting opinions about “religious violence”. Every time I hear others opinion, that widen my view of religious violence and inspires me so much.

We will continue to get ready for main conference about a month and a half. I am so thankful to have such an talented and unique members!

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