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Study Meeting Report: Table 6 (July)

Table 6 held their second study meeting recently. Let's all see what they did in order to prepare for the upcoming conference, reported by Tatsuki Urabe.

What did your table do during the recent study meeting?

On our last meeting in July, we met at Meiji Gakuin university, and conducted some discussions and recent personal reports. As one of the practices for main conference, we discussed plastic problems throughout some articles refer to the impacts seen from various perspective. We discussed Japanese policies, positive aspects of using plastic products, relationship between development and plastic use, how company should treat plastic products and so on. In addition to that, we did debates focus on how education can contribute to the plastic problems. Actually, our target area for policy proposal is not clear now, so we should specialize it I guess. I assume that most of the international participants will be actively involved in table discussion, so these opportunities are helpful for me in order to be proactive. Our topic is already discussed all over the world, so we can find useful information and methods. Therefore, we need to do knowledge sharing between table member. Although we’re assigned some essays from June, I can find new information thanks to this meeting. This study meeting allow us to acquire much information which we need to proceed with the productive discussion throughout main conference. In a nutshell, last study meeting succeed!

Do you have any encouraging words for your table-mates as well as your fellow ISC participants?

I’m really excited to start main conference soon! We will do a study meeting again in August 17th, so I hope we can spend a productive time!

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