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Table2 Meeting Reports :Ken Furusawa Masami Komatsu


We, members of table 2 in Japan, had a study meeting. We tried to figure out the direction of the future discussions as well as to deepen the understanding of the topic and enhance the public speaking skills.

The important outcome of the meeting was that we were able to clear the direction of our group work for the conference, taking the final forum and proposal into consideration. We hadn’t shared what we wanted discuss with each other and tentatively picked up the climate change issue in the advanced conference. However, we noticed that our interests are not limited to climate issues in the review of the advanced conference, and fixed our directions and goals during the meeting. By connecting our interests and thoughts, we reached two potential topics: “Crisis of Democracy” and “Uncompleted Democratic Procedure of Decision-Making Process at International Organizations”. Both of them seemed really interesting to us, and we even had the even votes after voting. We anyway decided to go for Crisis of Democracy.

We will check up the pre-conditions of democracy as well as the definition of crisis of democracy by the next meeting session, and study actual cases of crisis and failures of democracy in some countries. At the end, we would like to summarize needed policies and improvements in our case studies, and think of the inclusive and universal democracy that can be applied to more and more countries worldwide.

Not all the members are familiar with the topic, but we try to make sure that everyone is on the same page of the discussion and understanding by closely communicating with each other and having some small meetings outside the table group work. I hope we can take each end every opinion into consideration, and effectively help each other including oversea participants during the conference. (Ken)


In most recently study session, we talked about “Democracy Crisis”. Each member try to research different country. We could find out common point about “Democracy Crisis”.That point is “Not many country Check and Balance is not organized”.

Our homework is To Decide “what kind of problem we try to implement”. Democracy covered large scale of issue. That why is difficult to focus on just only 1 theme. We need more discuss. I try ro search “Democracy” everyday. Step by step!

Member is so kind people. I can not speak English well, but members give to support. First time in study session i can not explain anything because i feel shame to say “i dont Know”. “ if i have a little bit brave”, i thought, i try to speak English as much as i can. My way of saying is “How do you say Blah Blah”.

Sometimes members give me advice and give it a hand crepe or ice.

We gradually got to team. We try oneself best . (Masami)

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