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Table2 Meeting Report: Ai Taguchi



The main purpose of 1st session was to talk about a direction of our discussion towards the main conference. Even though we did not get accustomed to speak out in English, everyone seemed to be very fun and tried hard to overcome a language barrier. On the one hand, it was a fruitful discussion in terms of being able to make a consensus of our way ahead to the conference, but on the other hand, it was obviously our problem to how to follow some participants who had a difficulty of catching up the speed of English.

The content of what we studied


  1. Sharing information of “Constitutionalization of Environmental Protection”

We researched the theme above from the perspective of three points below.

★Basic Knowledge of Environmental Protection

・There are some international framework such as Kyoto protocol or Montreal protocol. Both of them imposed higher burden on developed countries.

・Several countries already ratified environmental protection on their constitution. E.g. South Korea, Spain

★Pros and Cons


Protection of nature itself & of the individual human rights, legal binding in each country.

The people will raise awareness of constitution itself.

Hard to change or go back/long term effect


Can’t estimate the impact of this change.

Needs specific laws to strictly exercise the idea of constitution.

Countries which are against for changing constitution such as Japan are afraid of amending other articles followed by environmental protection.

★How to implement

・To create the world government(or environmental government), but it may be too ideal.

・Making a new international framework for persuading constitutionalization to each country.

・To have SNS campaign and to advertise the importance of environmental protection.

2.Where we are heading for the next studying session

・We will diverge from climate change and will take a look at countries which are in a democratic crisis, also we will research the reason why they plunged into that situation.

→(Why we picked up this topic)

・We feel the necessity to look at some other issues closely.

・It is easier for us to find a direct connection between these problems and democracy.

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