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Table1 Meeting Report, Taisei Mihune


Each participant summarized some parts of an introductory book about problems of sexual minorities and queer study in advance, and at the study meeting we shared them in order to deepen the understanding of this field. Also. I picked up some accidents which happened because of people’s lack of understanding and imagination for sexual minorities and discussed them. We learned how serious outing and discrimination are for sexual minorities thorough some accidents occurred in Japan and Taiwan. We reconfirmed the importance of having correct knowledge or real circumstances sexual minorities are facing. How should we act or how should our society be when the similar things happen? That’s also the points we discussed.

It is important to study some basic knowledge of queer study and sexual minorities before moving on to discussion about how we eradicate heterosexism in school system.

Therefore, we focused on input-based session at this study meeting. From now on we, all the member of table 1, need talk about and share what extent each member is going to do research until the main conference, whether we will assign a role to each member and so on. At the following study meetings, we are going to have discussion with participants abroad. Personally, I hope that table 1 will be the place for us to talk about some topics relating to sexual minorities and based on each interest, even though they are not directly connected to the table topic.

Through the study meeting our relationship was totally good. Before it some of us went Aoyama and had photogenic lunch what we call “osharan”. Kanon from Fukuoka prefecture bought “Menbee”, a kind of rice cracker tastes spicy cod’s-roe, for us and it was very nice.Ayaka from Akita prefecture unfortunately forgot to buy a souvenir but she said she would never fail to buy it next meeting. I cannot wait already.

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