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Table3 Meeting Report,Suiren Yamamoto Taiki Miyamoto

Updated: Nov 24, 2020


From the sub-table chief of table 3, I will introduce what Japanese participants discussed at advanced conferences. We had about four hours to talk about our table topic.

Because “Designer Babies” is a recent technology and not familiar to Japan, we can’t talk based on our experience. Therefore, we mostly get information from the website or books.

However, during the discussion, we talked about human rights relating to designer babies. First, we talked about “Do parents have the right to choose their children’s life?”. Moreover, “If parents do, then until when do parents can choose their children’s life?”. Many people talked about the childhood such as lessons which parents choose them to go. From that, we thought about “then, what is the definition of life ?”

Also, we focused on not only “Designer babies” but also “disabled people”. We mentioned about “how do paralympic athletes get eligibility of participation”, and it was interesting topic.

All Japanese members made earnest efforts to tell our table chief their opinion struggling to understand technical terms via Skype.

All of our members major in different discipline. It’s an attraction of ISC to discuss the same topic from versatile viewpoints!

Until the main conference, we will work together with foreign participants in a group. We will gain new insights through discussion with participants from advanced country in terms of biotechnology. We respect each of these ideas/opinions and we have a united effort to work hard toward the main conference.

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