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Table1 Meeting Report: Ayaka Kasai

At the pre-conference meeting, we learned about the fundamental part of the topic, because all of us had just started to study it. We read articles and books about the history, technical terms, and issues that are related to homosexuality, and shared opinions. I thought that I need to be careful about the use of words or expressions because the contents of the topic are very delicate. Especially in queer studies, some terms are like synonym but not, or are difficult to guess the proper meaning, such as the difference of “coming out” and “outing.” We need to learn them to avoid wrong use.

Also, through the session about the issue or accident related to LGBTQ+, I noticed that I tend to generalize the opinions of celebrities or a portion of people in the community. I thought I need to consider how we should conclude or draw solutions about the issue of heterosexism valuing the different senses and opinions that each one of the sexual minorities has. We also need the help of LGBT-friendly institutions.

I feel the atmosphere of table 1 is relaxing, and all table mates are gentle. They never deny other’s opinion but accept, so I felt free to show my ideas. We also share our views via Facebook with foreign participants. I am studying more and trying to improve my English, and I wish I have an in-depth discussion at the main conference.

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