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Study Meeting Report: Table 2 (July)

Table 2 held their second study meeting recently. Let's all see what they did in order to prepare for the upcoming conference, reported by Hikari Ono!

What did your table do during the recent study meeting?

On this meeting, we discussed the current status of our 2 case studies and conducted an interview with a student from Syria. Our topic is women’s rights in the conflict, and we are doing two case studies; South Korea and Syria. On the first half of our meeting, we talked about what each group found out so far. It was interesting to see both similarities and differences between two cases. For example, even though South Korea and Syria have different cultures and locations, there is a similar idea of gender role partly because of conscription. On the second half of the meeting, we had an interview with a student from Syria. Although we asked a lot of questions, he was so kind enough to answer all of them. He told us about his struggles during and after his life in Syria. It was so valuable to know personal stories of him, because it was far different from just collecting information from the books or internet. We are glad that we could see him. Although we forgot to take a group photo this time, we all had good time and are getting ready to the conference!

Do you have any encouraging words for your table-mates as well as your fellow ISC participants?

I can’t believe that the conference is getting within one month...! I’m pretty sure that everyone is getting excited to meet all of the members. And I know that the ISC committee members are especially working hard to success ISC65, so thank you for all of your work:) See you soon guys in Tokyo!!!

Thank you Yuna! Stay tuned for other updates on ISC65!

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