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Study Meeting Report: Table 5 (July)

Table 5 held their second study meeting recently. Let's all see what they did in order to prepare for the upcoming conference, reported by Yuna Kobayashi!

What did your table do during the recent study meeting?

We conducted a mental health survey to 200 people who are 16 years old to 25 years old from 7/2 to 7/12. This month, looking at the results of the survey, we discussed about thinking of a project that we could do for our proposal. From the results of the survey we understood that people have various reasons that make they feel stressed and have various ways to deal with stress. Not all people can deal with stress the same way. Things that may be stress relieving for one may be a stress for another. We thought it’s difficult to give advices to each person like a professional counselor. So we decided our project propose is to spread the correct understanding of mental issues. Focus on sending message to the society. We want people to realize whoever might have mental health issues and there are many supports in the world. Next month, we will invite an expert from an NPO, to listen about the present mental health problems.

Do you have any encouraging words for your table-mates as well as your fellow ISC participants?

We are family! So whenever we support and encourage each other!

Thank you Yuna! Stay tuned for other updates on ISC65!

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