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Study Meeting Report: Table 1 (July)

Table 1 held their second study meeting recently. Let's all see what they did in order to prepare for the upcoming conference, reported by Kana Ozawa and Syach Iskandar Muhammad!

What did your table do during the recent study meeting?

Kana: Japanese participants gathered and our table chief Ming, Sub table chief Sakura, and Ander in Indonesia joined us via Skype. In the last meeting, all of us were assigned to do a research about the problem regarding refugee crisis in the country of our own interest and make a presentation about it. We also made discussion question based on our own presentation. So in this meeting, we gave our presentation and discussed about the question that each one of us made. Through this task, we were able to deepen our knowledge and also learn new things from each other. In the end, we made it clear that our goal as table 1 is to raise awareness about the refugee crisis in Japan and make them have enough knowledge that they can discuss and have their own opinions about it. We also agreed that we have to find a solution which is beneficial between Japanese and the refugees.

Syach: The second study group meeting was my first time to meet other participant because I can’t attend the first study group meeting before. Before we had the meeting, each of the participant get an assignment to do research and make a presentation about the refugee crisis in a country/region of our choice. I personally choose the refugee crisis in ASEAN, meanwhile the other participant choose other country/region, such as the refugee crisis in Japan, Rohingya, Syria, France, and Germany. In the study group meeting, we present our assignment and have a further discussion about the crisis in each country/region. After we presented our research, the meeting continued with a discussion about what needs to be looked at and avoided by Japan for solving the refugee crisis. Each of us give our perspective of what we think the best solution and be discussed together. The meeting concluded with each participant giving their hope for the conference which will be held on August.

Do you have any encouraging words for your table-mates as well as your fellow ISC participants?

Kana: I think it is amazing that we can gather in Japan to discuss about the topic that we are interested in. It is very important to have a deep discussion with people in the same table group. However, since we have the chance to gather together, it is more important to enjoy the time together. For my table group, I think every time we meet, each one of us is gaining more knowledge and having a deeper discussion. Let’s keep up the good work! For others, I am very excited to meet everyone in summer and experience many things together! Let’s make the most of every minute!

Syach: I had a panic attack before we had our meeting because that will be my first time to meet other participant. I was worried if we will not having too much conversation because we still doesn’t know each other. But after I introduce myself, I was surprised because the other participant were so nice and we have a lot to talk about. I am looking forward to directly meet all of you in a few weeks. I know we will facing a lot of debate and so much different perspective about the refugee crisis and other topics on our mind, but I believe that we will make ISC65 memorable for all of us because we have the same purpose, to make our world be a better place.

Thank you Kana and Syach! Stay tuned for other updates on ISC65!

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