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70th ISC

International Student Conference (ISC) converges international students worldwide who has a passion and determination to contribute in solving today's most relevant issues.  Established as an annual summer program held in Japan, ISC provides an amplified platform where students from all around the world gather to discuss and create solutions to global issues. through policy proposals to be submitted to the international institutions since 1954.

ISC70 Table Topics



In this age of climate change and environmental challenges, businesses are being called upon to play a transformative role. The integration of sustainability into business practices goes beyond mere compliance; it requires the embracement of a triple bottom line - people, planet, and profit. In the global context, the world is facing numerous, unprecedented environmental issues, including global warming, pollution and rapid resource depletion. As leaders of industry, this raises the question: how can businesses navigate these challenges and emerge as both financially successful entities but responsible stewards of a greener planet? This topic highlights the urge for a pivotal shift in the current era, where companies are not just profit-driven but are also committed to making a positive impact on the environment.


Well-Being at Work


In recent years, there has been a shift in how the workplace is perceived: it is no longer just a venue for tasks but a space where individuals spend a significant portion of their lives. As this realisation has dawned in the evolving landscape of work, so too has the recognition of the profound impact working conditions have on the well-being of employees, encompassing both physical and mental health. The spotlight is increasingly turned on how companies prioritise and approach this concept. Creating an environment that addresses both physical and mental health requires a delicate balancing act between the pursuit of business ambitions and providing adequate support for employees. This table aspires to strike this balance, analysing the situation to offer feasible solutions to protect workplace health in the increasingly demanding, competitive market.



the Turbulence of Capitalism

With capitalism comes the constant challenge for businesses to adapt and tackle rigorous competition. Thriving in this era is not merely about sustaining the status quo - it is essential to embrace innovation and foster entrepreneurial spirit. The dynamic business landscape, with geopolitical shifts, economic fluctuations, rapid technological advancements, and unforeseen global events, urges companies to adjust efficiently and effectively. How best is it to approach such vigorous change? What strategies are available to predict rapidly changing market dynamics, sudden global events, and the accelerating world? What innovative approaches and entrepreneurial strategies are required to continue ensuring long-term success? This topic delves into the demanding nature of capitalism and emphasises the dilemmas to be confronted stepping into the contemporary business world.


The AI Dilemma

Consider the increasing reliance on AI for critical business functions. From machine learning algorithms predicting consumer behaviour to AI-driven cybersecurity tools, businesses are cumulatively entrusting masses of sensitive data and operations to these systems. It is undeniable that AI will persist in becoming a powerful force shaping the business landscape. Yet, it is essential to acknowledge the evident dangers - and that with such great power comes great responsibility. In areas such as security, ethics and policy, it is more crucial than ever that businesses are aware of the various risks that accompany this evolving tool. Companies must navigate the situation to maximise the available benefits of AI and technology for business while ensuring both safe and responsible utilisation.




Amid the evolving demands of the job market along with the substantial educational background sought out for in today's rapidly changing world, we must ask ourselves: who is responsible for cultivating such outstanding individuals? Increasingly, businesses are recognising the value of contributing to the education ecosystem. Beyond simple financial support, the potential impact companies can have on education is multifaceted and influential. They possess the capacity to contribute significantly to the educational landscape through opportunities such as active collaborations with educational institutions, innovations, and strategic initiatives. To bridge the gap between theory and practice in education and work, and to further facilitate practical learning in the educational realm, this is an opportunity to consider how companies are able to contribute to the advancement of practical learning in educational settings.





As society evolves, so does the recognition that diverse and inclusive workplaces not only reflect ethical principles but also contribute to enhanced creativity, innovation, and overall success. While significant progress in workplace equality has been made, challenges persist. The largely yet male-dominant corporate ladder, the lack of true inclusivity of cultures despite the increasingly global economy, the lingering prejudice against parental leave - these are just a few examples of the areas that are a work in progress. Navigating the terrain of diversity within a company requires thoughtful consideration, and concerted efforts are needed to tackle the unresolved issues. In a world that calls for cooperation more than ever before, how can equal opportunities be promoted and provided for every individual in the workplace?


" Better Business, Better World."



Application for the 70th International Student Conference are OPEN.

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