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ISC68 has officially decided to hold our conference entirely online for this year. 

Applications for this year ISC68 have been closed.

  • We updated our committee page, have a look at them! here

  • We published ISC68 overview page! Check here

  • ISC68 table topic page is opened! Check here

  • You can check ISC68 tentative schedule from here

(updated on July 12th 2022)

What is ISC?

International Student Conference is a summer program held in Japan, where students from all around the world gather to discuss and create solutions to global issues. 

All students from all over the world are welcome! Come join us in Japan to make the world a better place! 

More than 4000 students have participated in ISC so far! Every year, students gather from more than 20 countries and regions! 

If You Join ISC68...


  • Critical thinking about important global issues 

  • ​Confidence in communication skills in English


2022-06-26 (7)
2021-12-26 (7)
2022-06-25 (12)
2022-05-28 (9) - Copy
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