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Voice of Participants No.31 Ruxandra Ioana Florea​

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

Please introduce yourself!


My name is Ruxandra and I am an international student in Japan. I come from Eastern Europe and I am currently on my last semester of my undergraduate studies at Waseda University in Tokyo, where I am studying Global Political Economy.

I decided to apply to ISC64 because I had such an amazing time during last year’s summer

conference. I made many long-lasting friendships, bonded with my teammates and I got the

chance to meet amazing and ambitious young students from all over the world. I was deeply

inspired by their background, stories and by their ideas during the last conference. The final

goal of ISC64 and being able to speak out my thoughts on this world’s issues are also reasons for why I was so excited to apply. I am really hoping that ISC64 will bring a similar

experience, if not even better, than ISC63!

What is your Table Topic?

What do you think about your table topic so far and what is the goal of your table?


Introduction of topic:

My table topic is Table 2: Democracy and Global Order. Just like the other five topics that will be debated during the ISC64 conference, my table topic is approaching complex concepts and issue in the world.


Roughly speaking, Table 2 is trying to connect the concept of democracy - as a political and

social system - to the global order (concentrating on global issues, rather than foreign relations between the countries). When we analyze democracy, we do not look at the conduct of democracies within countries closely, but we rather select the segments and issues where democracy was successfully applied and it provided positive results.

After taking a closer look at democracy, we try to find universal solutions inspired by

democracy which can be applied to improve the current global order. Thus, in less words, the fundamental goal of Table 2 for ISC64 is to: find effective solutions inspired by the democracy to the global order.

Progress so far:

So far, my teammates and I have reached progress, especially on the research and the critical

thinking sides. However, we are still defining together the direction of our future discussions

and our final goals. During the Ad Conference we tried to understand the essence of

democracy, we critically assessed the advantages and disadvantages of it, and we looked at one global issue in particular: Climate Change. This has been a successful exercise in applying democracy to a global problem and thinking about how we would apply universal policies be at an international level and what kind of problems we would encounter in doing so.

I am very optimistic about the outcome of our table discussions during the conference and I am sure that we will reach some very interesting and creative solutions together.

What is special about Table 2 is that everyone in the table is a leader and we take all decisions collectively. As the Table Chief, I deeply care about the feelings of each participant and their wishes and I try to incorporate everyone’s opinion into the discussions and the direction that Table 2 will be heading towards.

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