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Self Introduction No.9 :Theeritsara Laopaiboonpipat

Please Introduce yourself!


Hi! My name is Theeritsara Laopaiboonpipat. People called me ‘Nu-Lek’ and I’m from Thailand. I’m now studying in Soka University in faculty of Economics. I love talking with people, sharing each other stories. I am an open-minded person, who loves to challenge and experience new things.

The reason why I decided to apply for ISC64 is because of my dream to create change and also because of  the people in ISC Family. Many of them have their own passion and dream, which I think it would be a wonderful experience to contributing a society while expanding my friendship. Furthermore, I felt very fortunate to be in a part of the  family, especially, this year, since the committee decided to take a concrete action on what we will be working on. Because this is what I ever want, to take action, approaching the solution of an issue.

What is your Table Topic?

What do you think about your table topic so far and what is the goal of your table?


I am in Table 2: Democracy and Global issues. I think that this topic would requires a lot of efforts and really needs to consider in many aspect. It’s very challenge, but also exciting. We are working on providing tools for each country to apply, in order to improve democracy system. I think that though the topic is kind of domestic level, but I have a strong believe that taking an action to fix things at the fundamental level is a crucial steps for achieving the greater goal, perhaps, solving the global issues. To be honest, I am impressed to be part of this.

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