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Self Introduction No.7: Ayaka Kasai

Please introduce yourself !


My name is Ayaka Kasai, a sophomore at Akita International University.

The reason why I applied to the 64th International Student Conference was an introduction by my friend. She joined the 63rd ISC last year, and told me a lot about people she met, what she learned, memories she made. Her face was spirited, and eyes were shining when talking about ISC. I held an intense admiration for “Student Conference” all the more for my inferiority complex about my learning ability. Also, I got very interested in the feature of ISC; discussing a social issue, drawing some concrete solution and having a presentation about it, because I had experienced the difficulty of drawing a definite conclusion through classes in my university. Since I heard about ISC, I began to think that I want to be able to have discussions with high-leveled students, by making an effort. I am sure that I’m a slow learner, but I do try to get through the ISC by utilizing diligence which is my advantage.

What is your Table Topic?

What do you think about your table topic so far and what is the goal of your table?


I am going to discuss “Heterosexism” at the conference. I think “Heterosexism” works as a shared sense of society and underlies much of people’s thought. For example, people often ask “Don’t you make a boyfriend?” to females, which proves that “Heterosexism” works as a major premise. Almost all people would never assume that “This woman may be attracted to women, so asking about the boyfriend will be inappropriate.” I also think that the heterosexual thought also controls ideas of homosexual people. That is why many lesbian, gay and bisexual people have experiences to feel lonely and try to love the opposite gender, concerning that having a romantic feeling to the same-sex people as bad and strange. Because this fact is invisible, there is a tiny number of people who concern about hurting homosexual people around them. “Heterosexism,” therefore is unconscious discrimination and almost all people may not recognize that this concept controls them. To solve issues related to homosexuality, I believe we need to remove this stereotype once from people’s mind.

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