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Self Introduction No.27: Shiki Aoyagi

Please Introduce yourself!


Hello, everyone!!

My name is Shiki Aoyagi!!

I was born in Shimonoseki, in Yamaguchi prefecture, and now I’m a freshman of Keio university. I like reading novels, watching animation, doing exercise, and so on (I cannot do most of them because of many assignments though…). I decided to join in ISC because, it’s quite simple though, I want to develop my English ability. Although I can do it in my university, it is quite difficult. We do not have opportunity to talk in English, let alone discuss or debate. In this situation, I heard about ISC, and I decided to join.  Through ISC, I want to develop my English skills as I mentioned and get plenty of contacts all over the world. That’s because, in ISC, there are many foreigners and Japanese who have lots of experience in foreign countries. This is an extremely good opportunity to broaden my eyes. I can’t wait the conference in August!

What do you think about your table topic?


Our table number is 4 and the topic is 21st century’s education, especially at elementary school in Japan. We all know that knowledge and wisdom is necessary to contribute in society. However, today’s educational system does not accomplish this goal enough. In most school, teachers are focusing on not knowledge or wisdom, but on examinations. That’s because Japan has a bias of “Gakureki”, which means people in high level universities have an advantage at getting job. This bias is one of the causes to restrain cultivating sociability. Sociability is an ability just like communication, creativity, critical and logical thinking and so on. Moreover, an increasing number of AI threaten people with low sociability, too. For these reasons, we think that these skills are one of the important things to contribute in society. Thus, we are discussing how to bring them much more than current educational situation.

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