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Self Introduction No.22: Masami Komatsu

Please introduce yourself !


Hi!My name is Masami Komatsu. Please call me Koma! My hometown is Hachioji in Tokyo! My hobby is playing and watching soccer, running, listening to music, and sleeping! I am shy man !

My first reason why i decided to apply for ISC64 is i want improve my english skill. In april, my TOIEC score was less than 400,,,,. I dont like test study (for TOIEC,TOEFL etc,). So i want improve my English skill while having fun a good way to learn is ISC64. Now, ISC is my motivation to learn and improve English.

Second is i want to connect with japan and other country university students. Every students are so smart, so i puzzled. But every students give me a lot of knowledge and personality is kind. That why i feel comfortable.

What do you think about your table topic,Democracy and Global Order ?


I think Democracy is one of the biggest theme to discuss about present social problem. In japan, voting rights age was changed. Now 18 years old people can vote.

So politics is more familiar than before. Meaning of Democracy is different in which each country and culture level. That differences reflect each countrys different background, good and bad point. This is why democracy is so interesting. I think ,Other country student and other japanese students has different view of democracy .

I look forward it for share with you!

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