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Self Introduction No.23 :Ken Furusawa

Please Introduce yourself !


Hello. My name is Ken, and I study International Law and International Relations at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. I've studied abroad for one year and transferred the university to change my major this year. I like visiting different countries and see how life looks like there. I've been to more than 10 countries in my university life, and I like Asian countries the most among them. I got to know ISC through the past participant. I applied to ISC64 because I thought this conference is a precious opportunity in Japan to have discussion about specific issues with international youth. I would like to actively share my thoughts in the table discussion and contribute to creating the final outcome during the conference. I'm very much looking forward to talking to all the participants as well :)

What do you think about your table topic?


The topic of my table is Democracy and Global Order. We struggled to figure out the direction of our discussion because it's a really broad topic, and tablemates have the different interests. We decided after all to discuss the inclusive democratic systems that can be applied to many countries worldwide. There is, of course, no complete democratic country in the world. It's not sure if the democracy is an ideal political system either. Having those considered, we would like to clear the advantages and significance of the democracy and think how the democracy can help to achieve the better global order. It's probably far goals to have the politics that highly reflects the public opinions , establish the defect-free checks and balances system and have the fully transparent government. I would like to look for possible approaches by starting looking at human rights or compliance of laws that has been accepted worldwide as key concepts of democracy.

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