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Self introduction No.21 :Anisa Indira Prameswari

Please introduce yourself !


Hi everyone. My name is Nisa and I'm one of foreign participants in this year's ISC. I am a currently junior in Pembangunan Nasional University in Jakarta and in an (suffocating) internship program at Indonesian House of Representatives. I knew ISC from my current organization, ISAFIS, which focuses on spreading international values that go with the UN missions (we received UN Peace Messenger award around 1990s and in this year we collaborate with the UN to hold a Model UN event! Whoop whoop). At first, I had no interest in joining this event, honestly. But when I saw the first table topic announcement, I was like "OMG that topic is so me I have to get in". I want to learn and I want to share my views regarding of the topic. I am always interested in gender and sexual studies. I am thrilled to have fruitful discussions on this topic.

What do you think about your table topic ?


I believe we have encountered unpleasant events some time in our life because of the attitudes given by other people. Perhaps it’s bullying, conflicts, or discriminative acts towards you. Or maybe you were the actor who gave these kind of attitudes. Well, people make mistakes sometimes. Maybe you were the victim because you were outside the norm, or maybe you did those bad things because the person you treated badly was different from others. Well, it’s part of human nature to discriminate what’s not in line with our beliefs in hope to return that person back to where they should belong. Regardless of what you believe or what norms and values applied in your society, it is never right to treat other human being with violence.

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