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Self introduction No.20: Sanramith Sam

Please introduce yourself !


Hi, my name is Sanramith Sam. I’m from Cambodia and 20 years old, majoring in business economics. I strongly value peace, integrity and welfare in the society, thus feeling passionate in becoming a part of social groups that help me to sustain that value, therefore ISC is one of those platform. Driven by the objective of leveraging human rights in the world, especially my country where human rights are constantly violated, I've committed to volunteer in various NGOs and take part in volunteer programs hoping to make at least small impact for the better. That's why I've often searched for volunteer opportunities or conferences online and that's when I accidentally found out about ISC. It suddenly sparked my interest as a group of amazing students from different backgrounds come together and take our step in generating positive changes for the society.

Basically, Japan is widely known as developed country and influential county and that's the reason why I have studied about Japan when I was in high school. Japan undeniably possess a splendid culture with beautiful tradition, cuisine, and people. Some of my Japanese favorite dishes are "Ramen and Udon", plus I would love to try the real Japanese green tea as well as the traditional way in brewing it. To sum up, I couldn't wait to explore these things during this upcoming summer!

In overall, ISC is going to be a wonderful experience and gateway that brings youth together to achieve their common goal, which is making a positive change to the world, at least for the first step. Of course it would be hard to make an entire impact spontaneously, but ISC is one of the representation of unity and peace through the integration of diversified nations and is also an opportunity for those who would like to take one step closer to their goal.

What do you think about your table topic?


Basically, I am interested about human right due to several reasons. I think the first reason is due to the exposure from my mom since her work is related to migration and human rights issue. Growing up knowing the unfairness that my citizens obtain from my countries through my mom has sparked the desire in helping them to the extent possible.

I don’t have much academic background of law since my major is Business Economics, but even so I believe that human rights violation is one of the hottest global issues. If there is a law without any practice, this issues still continue to occurs. For example, due to lack of employment in my country, rural Cambodians have fled to the neighboring countries such as Thailand to earn a living. However, human trafficking is the common problem because our people is not educated enough and therefore are easily deceived by trafficking brokers who would sell them to the fishing boats where they work like a slave and has undergone through many tortures and inhuman acts. Therefore, I hope to at least do something about it by basically helping my mother job. I helped her doing some surveys and provide mentoring to migrant workers along the rural areas so that they know the tactics of a legal process and don't fall into the trap of the human trafficking agency.

As for other parts of the world, the most terrified human violation ever would be the ongoing crisis in Syria. The Syrian government has launched numerous chemical weapons attacks on civilians in opposition-held areas. With Russia and Iran’s support, the Syrian government has conducted deliberate and indiscriminate attacks against civilians and civilian infrastructure, withheld humanitarian aid, employed starvation as war tactic, and forcibly displaced Syrians in contravention of international law. Last year, the UN also estimated that 540,000 people were still living in besieged areas and 400,000 has died. That's why many of Syrian has crossed the ocean to Europe in hope to avoid this inhumanity in their countries, however they are refused by the other sides from getting any humanitarian assistance which I think they should lend their hands since Syrians are also human thus should gain the right to live and be safe regardless of where they're from because they themselves are innocent.

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